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Pearl's Reunion

Dinner • 6-9 pm • Every Thursday

Put Your Name in the Pot

Pearl's Reunion

Dinner • 6-9 pm • Every Thursday

Put Your Name in the Pot



About Pearl's Reunion

Rocky Comfort Lodge is a private home in Gadsden County, Florida. Our home is open to family, friends and those they bring to eat, stay and visit with us.


Come Soon & Come Often

Grandma Pearl would routinely cook lunch once a week for family and friends to visit. Typically, all you had to do was let her know to “put your name in the pot.” Pearl’s Reunion is an updated version of that chance to visit, eat and reconnect with family, friends, and friends that are like family. All we ask is that you tell us you plan to visit so your name is in the pot. You are welcome to stop by unexpectedly, just be prepared to get whatever leftovers are available.

Pearl’s Reunion is scheduled for every Thursday evening from 6-9 pm at Rocky Comfort Lodge. The lodge is not a restaurant, so there is no charge for the experience. Family and friends may also be involved in the cooking and serving.


We aim to provide delicious food, and on occasion give you the opportunity to taste things you’ve never had before. Our menu is limited, but our creativity is limitless!


Look forward to talking and laughing, sometimes loudly!


Our goal is for the food and setting to be the medium for loving each other and having some fun. Who knows, some of our group may even break out in music and dancing!


A Selection of the Following as We are Inspired


  • Pork Tenderloin, London Broil or other Seared Meat
  • Roasted Fish (Salmon, Halibut, etc.)
  • Kitchen’s Creation of the Day


  • Roasted Vegetables (too many options to name)
  • White Acre Peas
  • Potatoes (Mashed or Whatever)


  • Olive Oil Cake
  • Miss Gail’s Oreo Cheesecake
  • Coffee


Frequently Asked Questions

You are more than welcome if you arrange it through Robert, his family or friends. We are a private home and not a restaurant, therefore we do want to know our guests. However, if our friends and family invite you as their guests for the first time, maybe you’ll be our friends for the next visit!

Yes, like many family gatherings, sharing food is a lot of fun. Because of the uncertainty of the number of guests on any given evening and the particulars of coordinating meals, desserts or appetizers are the most usable items. For anything else, just communicate through the website or call and we’ll figure it out. We will let everyone know what is brought it in case anyone is particular about eating someone else’s food!

Absolutely! Although we try to have sufficient staff on hand, if anyone wants to cook, prepare a special dish, create a unique cocktail, serve or otherwise participate in the evening, we welcome participation. Be forewarned that Robert can be bossy in the kitchen. Coordinate via the website or by contacting Robert.

Cook for Those You Love

Pearl’s Reunion is planned for every Thursday unless otherwise indicated on the calendar. Dinners are limited to about 25 people, so if a particular date is full we hope you will come another time. If you want to contribute or help with the evening, contact Robert.

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